A City Plan for Liverpool

A thriving, sustainable, fair city for everyone

In Liverpool, we’re doing things differently. We are giving people a voice to shape the way we deliver public services across our communities.

Working together with public, private and voluntary sectors, Team Liverpool is tackling inequalities to give everyone a better quality of life – regardless of background, identity or postcode.

How? By focusing on six priority areas and using our shared resources to transform the agenda for health, education, neighbourhoods, economy, culture and climate.

With a shared vision and strong desire to do things differently the City Plan will build on our incredible community spirit and strong local partnerships to shape a new, place-based approach to how public services are developed and delivered across Liverpool.

Read the City Plan for Liverpool in full or view our six priority areas below. 

A shared ambition and drive to work together with people and communities

We will focus upon improving outcomes across six themes.

A shared vision and desire to do things differently

Team Liverpool – Find out who we are and how we are working towards a common aim – to better meet the needs of everyone in Liverpool.