A healthier, happier, fairer Liverpool

We will work together to tackle health inequalities and respond to what matters most to people to improve their health and wellbeing across all stages of life – starting well, living well and ageing well.

As well as continuing to improve services for all, we will work together to identify people at greater risk of poor health, focusing much more on promoting good health and increasing healthy life expectancy, preventing illness and personalising services to support the needs of those people and population groups. 



  • Healthy children and families: Reduce infant deaths by one third; improve school readiness; reduce childhood obesity, reduce health inequalities and improve mental wellbeing.
  • People with long term conditions: Improve quality of life; improve control over daily life; reduce premature mortality from cancer, circulatory disease and respiratory disease.
  • People with complex lives: Improve control over people’s daily life; reduce alcohol admissions; reduce emergency admissions to hospital, and improve mental wellbeing.
  • People who are frail and have dementia: Reduce loneliness and social isolation; reduce numbers of people living with moderate or severe frailty; prevent or reduce falls; provide better support for carers, and reduce admissions to residential and nursing homes.
Mature couple jogging through park

Improving outcomes across six aims