Safe and thriving neighbourhoods

All residents live in safe, inclusive and welcoming neighbourhoods, where people choose and aspire to live, raise their families and grow old. Public services are aligned with local need to reduce inequalities within the city.


  • Work in partnership to ensure that every person in Liverpool lives in a home they can afford, which is safe, secure, warm, sustainable and able to meet their needs.
  • Work with communities to stimulate a sense of belonging, cohesion, and neighbourhood pride.
  • Develop strong, resilient and sustainable communities in which services are accessible to and produced with residents and community organisations.
  • Create and maintain safe and accessible public places, local facilities and green infrastructure, in partnership with our communities.
  • Ensure that every individual affected by crime, abuse, exploitation or situation has access to appropriate support and is able to overcome the impact of adverse experiences.
  • Support those who need it, and ensuring that residents have access to the support they need to take greater control of their own lives to prevent and alleviate poverty.
Father and daughter walking through neighbourhood

Improving outcomes across six aims